We dedicate this website to:

Eva and Jan Švankmajer for showing us the way

and the Grossmann family – Miloš, Štěpánka, Jaroslav Sr., Jan, Halina and Jaroslav Jr. because they helped us start this journey.

In the mid-1990s, we first became acquainted with the history of the Spiritual Society Brotherhood in Radvanice. We started looking for old spiritualist books, the Spiritistická revue magazine, which the association published in the years 1920 – 1949, and everything related to this association – photographs, cards, badges, etc. When we first saw Josef Kotzian’s drawing with our own eyes, it drew us into another world through it. We would like everyone to see these drawings – “Windows into the unconscious”, with their own eyes. We set out on a journey and began to meet old spiritists, witnesses and wonderful people, who literally shocked us with their lifelong vegetarianism, non-drinking and non-smoking, their sincerity and humility. All walking tirelessly on their spiritual path. These are constant wonderful meetings.

In 2018, we first learned that Josef Kotzian had his “pupil” Josef Labaj. Incredible information and a new discovery was found.

Title Spiritualist Mediumistic Drawing in Silesia. We try to document only the mediums working in Silesia and mainly around the Spiritual Association of the Brotherhood. The first drawing is dated October 24, 1905 and was painted by Josef Kubíček from Místek, and the last one belongs to Josef Labaj, which we discovered on his desk and it remained unfinished. He died 1. 10 .2002.

All the drawings we own are left in a found condition and we do not restore them.

We will be constantly adding new things, we have a lot of material. We would like to ask foreign as well as domestic collectors if they would provide us with photographs of their drawings from the circle of the Spiritual Society of the Brotherhood. We would like to document all preserved drawings from Silesia.

We are also looking for any interesting things from Czechoslovak spiritualism: photographs, ID cards, books in original bindings, postcards, posters, etc ..

We are interested in your memories of spiritualism, especially after its ban in 1951 until 1989 !!

In the future, we plan, if all goes well, to create a small museum in Ostrava, to publish postcards and posters and reproductions of mediumistic drawings. But time will tell.

The website is conceived as a book that we will try to publish sometime in the future, in Czech and English versions. It will contains about 200 mediumistic drawings from Silesia, many accompanying photographs, a text about the history of spiritualism in Silesia and a text about medium drawings.


Eva and Jan Oravec, Ostrava / Zbyslavice


1. 9. 2020  was published an interview with us on the prestigious website www.mediumisticart.com

The interview was conducted by Vivienne Roberts, curator of the College of Psychic Studies in London.

Mediumistic Art from the Czech Republic